Repairing or Replacing Your Damaged Water Heater?

Water Heaters Repair and Replacement Factors

Has your water heater sprung a leak in the pipes and/or tanks? Or do you plan to replace your current heater with a new one? It can be confusing whether to perform water heaters repair or replacement. Written below are some factors to determine which of the two is the better solution:

  • Leaks – It is important to repair a leaking water heater system right away. If the only the pipes are leaking, you should tighten their fittings. If the leaking still continues, you might have to install new piping. As for tank leaks, it is advisable to replace the entire system.
  • Faulty Parts – Some water heater issues happen because of faulty or damaged parts. Before thinking of replacing the heater, you should first troubleshoot the problem. Most issues are repairable by adjusting or replacing defective components. If the problem still persists after part replacement, you may need a new heater.
  • Lifespan – Another factor when fixing or replacing your water heater is its age. If your water heater is less than 10 years old, consider repairing the problems first. You should replace damaged water heaters that have passed their expected lifespan.
  • A New Heater – While you can buy the same heater model, try going for the latest ones instead. Modern water heaters can have better energy efficiency than previous models. Also, you should factor heater and tank size when buying a new one.

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