Here Are the Common Causes of Drywall Problems

Causes of Dry Wall Repair Issues

Drywall is a durable material that’s cheap and easy to install, which is why it has become popular among many builders and homeowners. However, just because drywall is sturdy doesn’t mean it’s invincible! Just like any other material, it can develop a wide range of issues, which is why you might find yourself needing dry wall repair services sooner or later.

There are many factors that can cause drywall damage, including the following:

Popped nails

Nails connect drywall sheets to the studs behind them. Over time, these nails can pop out especially if they’re poorly installed, which means that your drywall sheets can become loose and pockmarked with holes. To fix this, your drywall contractor will have to replace the nails with new ones, cover the holes with fast-drying spackle, and sand the area to make it smooth.

Furniture scuffs

Moving chairs and furniture around can lead to scuffed drywall. You can prevent this from happening by installing chair rails, wainscoting, and baseboards, all of which can protect your drywall from furniture-caused scuffing. Of course, being careful with your furnishings can also be a big help. If your drywall is already damaged, you can try to remove minor scuffs with a cleaning sponge and ask your drywall contractor to repair the areas where the furniture has caused the drywall to be ripped off into tiny pieces.

Water damage

Since drywall is made of wood, it doesn’t do well when exposed to water. In fact, it can easily develop rot and pave the way to mold growth and development. However, before you start fixing drywall with water damage, you should first locate the source of the water (which can be a leaking pipe or damaged siding that allows rainwater to enter the walls). Once this has been fixed, you can call a drywall contractor and ask them to replace the damaged drywall sheets with new ones.

These are some of the common causes of drywall damage. If you’re dealing with these issues, get in touch with Bishop’s Plumbing & Handyman Services and take advantage of my professional dry wall repair solutions in Gulf Shores, AL. Call me now at 251-747-3237!