Home Maintenance Checklist

A General Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

Needless to say, home maintenance is the best thing any homeowner can do to keep their property’s value where it ought to be. Doing the needed general maintenance tasks also keeps unwanted surprises at bay. If you wish to achieve these things, all you need to do is know what maintenance measures to implement once winter passes. Speaking of which, consult this checklist come springtime; and you can be sure your house can stay in great shape in the years to come.


  1. Check for damage or wear on the caulking around windows and doors. Replacing damaged ones often translates into better energy efficiency for your home.
  2. See if there are debris or damage on the gutters and downspouts. Keeping them in shape means they can continue to divert water away from your home’s foundation.
  3. Pressure-wash decks, patios, walkways, siding, and soffits. Don’t forget to do the same for any outdoor furniture pieces.
  4. Tune up any lawn maintenance equipment and tools you own. Charge batteries, lubricate moving components, and sharpen gardening tools if necessary.
  5. Inspect wooden railings, decks, and windowsills for rotting parts. Exposed wood gets damaged; and you may have to replace rotten ones and touch them up with paint, stain, or wood finish.


  1. Be on the lookout for moisture in the basement/crawl space. If left unattended, leaks in these places could easily turn into costly repairs later on.
  2. Inspect the air-conditioning unit. If you can, trim brush around the unit and clean its coils. Otherwise, leave this task to a general maintenance expert.
  3. Clean every window screen, and check each one for damage. Do these and you can continue keeping pests from getting indoors.
  4. Check the air ducts for a buildup of mold, debris, and allergens. You can also take the time to change HVAC air filters after you do so. These should keep your HVAC system in good shape.
  5. Have the pros see if the sump pump is in working order. Doing so should make it easy to detect early signs of damage.

Take note of this general home maintenance list, and you could save yourself from costly repairs and major headaches. If you need more tips or if you are searching for a handyman in Gulf Shores, AL to help you go through this checklist, get in touch with my company, Bishop’s Plumbing & Handyman Services, at 251-747-3237.