Not Sure Who to Hire for Your Home Repairs?

Differences Between a Handyman and a Contractor

Even though handymen perform repairs and improvements in residential homes, there are a few projects that they simply cannot do, mostly because they do not have a license to do them. Specialized trades, like electrical and plumbing work, do require licensing, so make sure you check with your local licensing agency to see if the person you have hired is properly licensed, should your job need one.

When they are not licensed, then you must hire a specialized contractor that is. If not, you are the one who is liable financially when any damages occur. Or, when you try to sell your home, you may end up paying more to repair the issue so it meets all the local codes.

Large projects which take time, machinery and a crew, like kitchen remodels or home additions will need a general contractor’s license. These projects will need multiple licensing, in addition to different levels of expertise. A qualified handyman, though, can tackle in one visit multiple smaller projects which do not need licensing.

Remodeling contractors and handymen are basically the same thing with regards to ability, however, where they differ, is the size and the scope of the work they do. A remodeling contractor will focus on larger projects which need a great deal of coordination; that can span over weeks to complete. But not everything is black and white when hiring one or the other.

Some companies will provide both services. For instance, a company can employ handymen to oversee smaller projects, and hold a general contractor’s license, which gives them the ability to subcontract on bigger jobs. We hope that our blog has made some sense with this common misconception. If you would like to know more about our services, please do not hesitate to call Bishop’s Plumbing & Handyman Services based in Gulf Shores, AL today at 251-747-3237.