Keep Your Water Heater Working

Keep Your Water Heater Working

Prevent problems down the line with water heater maintenance in Magnolia Springs, AL or in any of the surrounding areas

Don't wait for a malfunctioning water heater to get even worse. Get in touch with Bishop's Plumbing & Handyman Services today to get the water heater maintenance you need. We'll flush out your water heater once a year to get rid of built-up sediments.

We can work with any make and model of water heater. When it comes to replacing your water heater, we tend to favor commercial-grade water heaters. These outperform typical residential water heaters because they are:

  • Built better
  • Longer-lasting
  • More efficient

Call 251-747-3237 now to request water heater maintenance in the Magnolia Springs, AL area.

Well-timed water heater repair can salvage your water heater

Problems with your water heater don't always call for replacement. You can get a lot back in order with water heater repair. Make sure you're getting repairs right away to keep your warranty valid.

If you do need a replacement, you can get one through us. Water heaters built after 2014 follow new codes to make them more efficient. If your water heater is over six years old, now is a good time to think about changing it out.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on water heater repair in Magnolia Springs, AL, and any of the surrounding areas.